Our Story


First off, thank you so much for visiting our site and showing interest in our product! Here is a little backstory on us and why we went with the name ‘Anam Cara Scents’ for our little business.


We met back when we were little ones Paige (the brunette) lived in the UK and Kait (blondie) lived here in Canada. Paige’s grandmother lived next door to Kait’s family so when Paige came to visit we would always be hanging out! Fast forward a few years Paige and her family move to Canada, we got put in the same school and we have been inseparable ever since. 


We have been through it all

together and truly know each other like the backs of our hands. We decided to start making candles for fun as just another excuse to hang out, then realized “hmm these are actually beautiful, we need to share these!”. We decided on the name Anam Cara because it means ‘Soul Friend’ (we even got matching tattoo’s with the same meaning several years ago). 


We feel so blessed to have each other and we thank you all for supporting us and helping us start our own little business together! So here’s to friendship ..... and candles 😉🥂❤️